February 19 2020 transit of mercury astrology

Remember that meditation can be a plus to flow even more balanced. Enjoy your mercury retrograde moments! Under the influence of Mercury Retrograde, it is possible to have the feeling that everything is moving backwards: people from the past appear ex included or we are tempted to look for old companions.

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How to overcome this? Well, first, it is not time to let yourself be carried away by impulsivity or pessimism. Mercury Retrograde offers a time of introspection, and the opportunity to review lived experiences from a new perspective. We enter the world of substance and content, not simply form.

This astrological aspect opens the doors to receive information about situations that were unknown and remain latent. It also attracts acquaintances from previous existences. The most important thing during the 3-week period in which the Mercury retrogradation takes place is to keep calm and make reflection and meditation your best weapon. With Mercury Retrograde, we can review our actions, and establish a new planning or design a change of strategy that adjusts, in a real way, to the objectives that we want to achieve.

One of the most significant aspects, which must be taken into account during the retrogradation of Mercury, is the element of the sign on which the phenomenon occurs, given that this will have a significant influence on the channeling of energy. When Mercury retrogradation occurs under a sign of Fire Aries , Leo , Sagittarius , it is time to evaluate how present projects are aligned with the future you desire. Review your ideas and undertakings, establish alliances with creative people and do not fall into Byzantine frustrations or discussions.

Maintaining your enthusiasm at this time will bring you great benefits. Do not let yourself be won over by impulsivity, check everything carefully, especially contracts and invoices. Do not be afraid to ask for additional information, if something is not clear to you. If the retrogradation phase of Mercury happens on an Earth sign Taurus , Virgo , Capricorn , we must take care of our perspective in relation to the concrete results, of the plans in execution.

Avoid overloading yourself with work or becoming an octopus, take your responsibilities one by one to overcome the obstacles. Debt review, savings plans, and real estate status charge interest. With Mercury Retrograde in Earth Signs, you must assume a realistic attitude of life, leaving aside the pessimism or optimism exacerbated. If you have any physical discomfort, do not hesitate to go to the doctor. Mercury Retrograde in a sign of Air Gemini , Libra , Aquarius , is an invitation to consider the management of relationships in your life, and how you communicate with your environment.

In this period, communications are difficult, so you have to be patient to achieve a true understanding.

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Once again, avoid assuming and asking questions before assuming an attitude that does not correspond to it. Mercury Retrograde in a sign of Water Cancer , Scorpio , and Pisces opens the doors to reflect on the quality of life you deserve, and how you project it in your home and to your loved ones. Intuition is most developed in this period, but this makes you susceptible to psychic interference, so not everything is as it seems.

It is also a time of great emotional intensity.

Avoid arguments in your family environment and look for methods to channel feelings positively. Although each sign is influenced by the retrogradation of mercury in the area of your natal chart where the event occurs, there are a number of indications of available energies that are of interest to everyone. In , Mercury will retrograde 3 times , mainly under the influence of water signs, which means that it will activate processes of emotional revision, associated with relationships, the handling of intuitive capacities, and the connection with spirituality and universal love.

Mercury in Pisces tells us about the psychic world empathy, intuition , the use of compassion as a link with other sentient beings, and the development of imagination and the spiritual regardless of whether you practice a formal religion or not. Before the retrogradation of Mercury in the sign of fish, the doors of the unconscious open dreams, contact with previous existences and traumatic events of the past , and there is a tendency to confuse what you think with what you feel, or what you believe with what happens in reality.

With Mercury retrograde in Pisces, it is difficult to maintain the organization of the mental plane, so you must redouble the discipline to achieve the realization of your objectives. As always, we are advised to slow down and double check all connections when Mercury is retrograde. Our mental energy can become frazzled and frenetic during these times, so it is best to stop, look and listen more than normal.

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Not skipping meals is also helpful. Mars and Mercury together in Libra could be effective partners in pushing through creative projects, including writing or design projects, especially in the case of things having been pushed back "to the drawing board. While all other planets are currently direct, indicating good forward motion in general, this few week stretch in the first weeks of November could see us having to do some editing and re-working. Have patience and use this opportunity to make sure things are on the right track, preventing future problems due to oversight.

During this period of time, it is believed that Lord Vishnu sleeps and certain actions are avoided, such as marriages. It is interesting that this corresponds with the Sun transiting the signs Cancer through Libra, the 4th through the 7th natural signs of the zodiac and that Mercury, a planet that corresponds with Lord Vishnu and his forms, is considered to be in a state called "marana karaka sthana" while in either the 4th or the 7th house of a chart, meaning the planet is somewhat disabled from acting normally due to experiencing a death-like state.

Sleeping does fit that bill! The Sun is past its point of debilitation by the 11th day of the waxing half of the Moon's cycle during this month, which "wakes up" the divinity once again as we begin our next "day" in the cycle. Whatever you may have been dreaming up for the past four months could be ready for seeing the light of day in some form.

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The time to partner up and begin creating something new has come. Ekadashi means the 11th day of the lunar cycle. In some traditions of India, a five-day fast begins on this day and concludes on the 15th day of the cycle at Kartik Purnimaa full moon , when the Moon is full in or near the constellation of Krittika, which is known as the Pleiades in the English language. This month in the calendar is considered very auspicious and the culmination of some important festivals and religious observances.

Mars breaks up the tension between himself and Saturn on September 24 by moving into Venus' air sign, Libra, joining Mercury and Sun on November Mars and Saturn have been mutually aspecting each other since Mars entered Virgo, which can create tension or a push-pull dynamic. As mentioned, the energy of Mercury added to Mars can be quite productive, especially when we exercise patience and some prudence.

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The first ten days of Mars' transit through Libra is marked by an equally passionate exchange of signs with Venus, who will be in Mars' water sign of Scorpio through November 20, which is also the day that Mercury resumes direct motion. The last ten days of November, with Mercury direct and sharing space with Mars, could be well spent by really applying energy, power and resources to current undertakings. Things that are already in motion could be well supplied with enthusiasm and energy to further agendas and plans.

Let's remember that Rahu is still exalted in Gemini and that one of the places his energy hits is Libra, along with Aquarius, as Rahu's aspects mirror Jupiter's, who affects all signs of the same element from where they are placed. Even though Mars doesn't tend to be viewed as a social butterfly, if there's any time we can get him to come out and play, it will be during this period, between mid-November and the end of December. This is a good time for networking, strategizing and synthesizing creativity with practicality.

Build it and they will come. As always during full Moon, the Sun is positioned in the opposite sign, Libra, and is joined by Mars, aspecting his own sign of Aries and also retrograde Mercury. This is an interesting and strong Moon moment, as Bharani nakshatra is lorded by Venus and located within Aries, lorded by Mars. At this time of this full Moon, these two planets, Venus and Mars, are enjoying a powerful exchange of signs, which should be supportive for relationships, mental well-being and almost any kind of creative or building project.

As mentioned above, this is known as Kartik Purnimaa, the full Moon when it falls in Krittika nakshatra. To be exact, this full Moon is a couple of hours away from reaching Krittika territory, but since it is so close, we still consider it Kartik Purnimaa, even though the Moon's exact moment of fullness came in Bharani. Since this moment occurs before sunrise, it is still considered Monday by the traditional reckoning, which is also the Moon's own day of the week.

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This further strengthens this Moon, who is reflecting the light of the Sun, who is not as happy in Venus' sign of Libra. This time around the full Moon may be great for getting perspective. With no other planets conjoining the Moon, we may be either inspired to take some time alone for quiet reflection or be forced into it.

Either way, place an intention to calmly perceive the current situation, pause to regain your energy and then move forward. The Sun has a much better relationship with his friend Mars than Venus. Moving from Venus' air sign, Libra, into Mars' territory of Scorpio will help the Sun, who we rely on for truth, clarity and self-definition.

Additionally, by moving out of Libra, the Sun escapes the aspect of Rahu, which can also tend to confuse or muddle the pure intentions of the Sun. Scorpio is co-ruled by Mars and Ketu, the south node of the Moon. Bitcoin and encryption are only part of the story—Uranus rules sudden, unexpected developments and also electronic, scientific discoveries of all kinds. We will have to wait to see what comes.

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Good-fortune planet Jupiter will be in the sign he loves and rules—Sagittarius. This means you will absorb the goodness of Jupiter in a natural way, easily, and that he will have a strong presence in your chart. Jupiter in fire-sign Sagittarius will be especially helpful if you are a Sagittarian, Aries, or Leo, or air-sign Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius. Yet all signs will benefit—I am splitting hairs here.

In Sagittarius, Jupiter will help the publishing and broadcasting industries and the entire international travel market as well, including airlines, cruise lines, and railroads. Often energy will ping across the skies in a straight line to signs degrees apart, for example, from Sagittarius to Gemini, the reason I say automotive may prosper.

This will give a turn of outstanding golden luck to the earth signs, especially to Capricorn, but also to Virgo and Taurus, as well as to the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces earth and water signs go together well.

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Capricorns have been particularly pressured, but their situation will move from dark and working too much to bright and happy once Jupiter comes knocking. For detailed information for your Sun sign and also your rising sign read for both , you may want the digital or paperback version of my book, The Year Ahead by Susan Miller for Kindle , now available on all international Amazon sites in your native country. Our theme is Women of the World, depicting women from many ethnicities. Click here for more information. Hello readers! I have written an essay for you, below, as an introduction to Happy New Year dear readers!

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